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bcoz all the people started to conpeting each other in a result all companies lost money

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offering rebates to large customers

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Q: How did railroad companies compete with each other for business?
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How did large corporations come to dominate American business?

Under normal circumstances, and I'll the United States as an example, small corporations become large ones such as Microsoft, because they have a patented product that becomes a high demand one. Microsoft came to dominate the software market as other software companies could not compete with their own software products.

What type of business is recognized by a state and is given certain rights?


The ferderal railroad administration enforces all federal rail and safety laws giving financial aid and other assistance to certain railroads?

The Federal Railroad Administration, in the Department of Transportation .

Did US government subsidize US Companies to move overseas?

Absolutely, many companies did this to take advantage of the cheap labor that is offered in other countries over seas. Many toll free telephone numbers are answered from other countries over seas, which is the reason for the incredibly strong ascents.

What was the steel crisis in the 60's?

President Kennedy worked with both business and labor to reach a settlement of increased benefits, but no wage increase to steel workers. He thought big steel would not raise prices, but 2 weeks later a leader of one of the major steel companies ( US Steel ) brought a press release to the Pres. announcing a $6 dollar a ton increase and all the other steel companies joined in. Kennedy felt so bad that he threatened to start an investigation into price fixing - the pentagon started talking about buying steel elsewhere. This caused the companies to back down. kapm

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Railroad companies competed with each other for business by?

offering rebates to large customers.

Western railroad companies and farmers needed each other's business This is an example of?


A country has a capitalist economy. Which of the following statements applies to it?

Companies compete with each other for business.

Can pipex internet compete with other major companies in this already competitive business?

Yes, they can take many different steps to compete with major companies. they can pamper their existing customers to giving their store a character to make their company stand out from the rest.

What are the advantages of being competitive?

Being competitive means being able to compete with other companies and their products, thus being able to stay in business and being able to compete and staying competitive.

Progressives supported action against companies when companies?

Dominated industries so much the other companies could not complete (Apex)

What are two ways companies compete against each other for your business?

Companies can compete by offering competitive pricing, such as discounts or promotions, to attract cost-conscious customers. Additionally, companies can differentiate themselves through product quality, customer service, or innovation to stand out from competitors and appeal to target customers.

A country has a command economy. Which of the following statements applies to it?

The government owns and controls all major industries-apex

Progressive supported action companies when companies?

Dominated industries so much that other companies could not compete.(Apex)

What is a example of a competition?

I am not sure what exactly you are asking for, so I will base the answer from a business perspective. An example of competition is Coca-Cola and Pepsi. These two companies compete for business, market share, positioning, and revenues. While each company has other business lines under their banner, these two giants compete mainly and directly in the soft drink industry.

When did progressives action against companies?

Dominated industries so much that other companies could not compete.

Where can I buy a tanning bed for a good price?

There are several retailers online that offer tanning beds at excellent prices. To get the best deal, call them and have a quote emailed to you, and compare them with other companies. If you don't get a deal you like, call the companies directly and inform them of your quotes from other companies. Most companies will compete for your business on such a large purchase.