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There were many people that opposed slavery. For this reason it was necessary to include a section that banned slavery for the passing of the US Constitution to go through..

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Q: How did sectionalism and the issue of slavery influence the Constitution?
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The issue of slavery at the constitution convention was actually about?

The constitution should prohibit the states from participating in the international slave trade.

Which of the following was one of the ways in which the Constitution addressed the issue of slavery?

Congress was not allowed to make a law banning the slave trade before 1808.

What word was used instead of slave in the us constitution?

In Article I, Section 9, Clause 1 used the phrase "The migration and importation of such persons as any of the states now existing shall think proper to admit," to refer to the practice of slavery. So in one sense, it is argued that the Constitution has never mentioned the issue of slavery, per se, but everyone knew that that phrase meant "slavery" when the Constitution was adopted.

How did john browns raid impact the national slavery of slavery?

it increased tentions over the issue of slavery across the united states

Not including the amendments how does the constitution deal with the issue of slavery?

Found this: "Originally, the Framers were very careful about avoiding the words "slave" and "slavery" in the text of the Constitution. Instead, they used phrases like "importation of Persons" at Article 1, Section 9 for the slave trade, and "other persons" at Article 1, Section 2 for slaves. Not until the 13th Amendment was slavery mentioned specifically in the Constitution. There the term was used to ensure that there was to be no ambiguity as what exactly the words were eliminating. In the 14th Amendment, the euphemism "other persons" (and the three-fifths value given a slave) was eliminated. The Slavery Topic Page has a lot more detail." From here:

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What crisis over The Missouri Compromise expose?

the growing sectionalism over the issue of slavery

What did the crisis over the Missouri compromise expose?

The growing sectionalism over the issue of slavery

Slavery how important it was in the constitution?

How important was the issue of slavery in the Constitution?

What led to sectionalism between the north and the south before the civil war?

The issue of slavery.

How sectionalism and the Missouri compromise related?

Sectionalism and the Missouri compromise was related in such a way that slavery was the primary issue. This led to Civil War.?æ

How did the issue of slavery promote sectionalism?

Slavery promoted sectionalism because the south was in favor of slavery and the north was opposed to it. The south didn't want slavery to end. With northerners opposing slavery, disagreements started to rise, which resulted in the south attempting to succeed and the Civil War breaking out.

Why were the framers silent on the issue of slavery in the constitution?

Slavery was a normal thing before.

What issue divided the country at the end of the Era of good feelings?

was the national bank,states rights,sectionalism,slavery,tariffs,internal improvment

The issue of slavery at the constitution convention was actually about?

The constitution should prohibit the states from participating in the international slave trade.

What did the northwest ordinance differ from the constitution on the issue of slavery?

The Northwest Ordinance outlawed slavery in the territory. However the ordinance did allow for indentured servants to be held in the territory. The US Constitution did not prohibit slavery at that time.

What issue kept some people from agreeing to the new constitution?

The most divisive issue in the creation of the new US constitution, following the Revolutionary War, was the issue of slavery. Of course, this remained a divisive issue until after the Civil War.

How did antislavery activists justify disobeying the slavery issue?

Anti-slavery activists justified going against the institution of slavery using the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the realities of basic human rights. They showed the brutality of slavery and stated the issue that the slaves were human not animals.