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Shay's Rebellion is most significant to the development of the U.S. Constitution, primarily due to the timing of it's occurrence. The new republican experiment in America it was argued was on the verge of failure. Border disputes between states, economic wars over taxation, and confusion over jurisdiction threatened to break apart the Confederation Congress in favor of regionalized governments forming two to four separate national governments. For example, in Massachusetts where the rebellion was occurring there was discussion that the New England states would form their own nation, as would the Mid-Atlantic and the Southern states. The rebellion itself was greatly embellished at the time, with initial reports indicating that Daniel Shay's had as many as 12,000 men prepared to march on Boston. Most historians now have found that the number was closer to 1,200, and that they were in no way capable of a successful march. However, the military implications aside, the rebellion convinced many prominent Americans that the Articles of Confederation needed amending, or a radical change in favor of a unified national government. Shay's Rebellion became the catalyst that prompted James Madison to solicit, and convince George Washington to lend his prominence to a convention that would discuss the amending of the Articles. In fact, Shay's Rebellion, in perhaps a stronger way than Madison's argument coaxed Washington from retirement, and that Convention did occur, and ultimately became the Constitutional Convention creating the U.S. Constitution.

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The strength of the federal government helped to put the rebellion to rest. Shay's Rebellion is thought to be one reason why people rallied behind the Constitution.

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Q: How did shays rebellion influence the writing of the US constitution?
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What was Shays' Rebellion was significant?

major factor in writing the new constitution

What effect did shays's rebellion have on the writing of the US Constitution?

it increased the power of common people in framing the constitution

What was the significance of shays's rebellion?

major factor in writing the new constitution

What was consequences of shays rebellion?

a new constitution

What rebellion caused the founding fathers to rewrite the constitution?

shays' rebellion.

What was a consequence of shay's rebellion?

Shays' Rebellion added urgency to the movement to produce a new national constitution.The US Constitution was created in part because of Shays' Rebellion.

How might the Shays Rebellion have influenced the writers of the US Constitution?

Shays' Rebellion led some to the believe that the U.S. Constitution should create a more powerful federal government. The rebellion was led in part by Daniel Shays.

What effects did shays rebellion have on the articles of confederation?

Shays Rebellion pointed out the problems in the Articles of Confederation. This lead to the production of the Constitution.

Shays Rebellion strengthened the movement to?

draft the constitution

How did the shays rebellion strengthen the country?

It was motive to draft the constitution.

How did the shays rebellion lead to a change in the US?

Shays's Rebellion would change the opinion in favor of those who wanted the Constitution to structure a stronger central government.

How did Shays's Rebellion lead to call for change in the US?

Shays's Rebellion would change the opinion in favor of those who wanted the Constitution to structure a stronger central government.