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They were curious and fearful of the Indians.

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We must remember when we say how did British people we cant stereotype all people, I don't know if you mean Indian American, Indian India when we moved in or when they came here, so I'll do all three: India and the British Empire: When The British Moved in the East India trading company the Money income was substantially high, All of Europe and many countries in Asia wanted a bit of India, The East India trading company took Indian gang lands and kingdoms by tricks, bribes or force, But the East India trading company had other problems: China and opium. The opium wars began then in 1857 Indian troops rebelled cutting up British soldiers and throwing them down a well, So the Government took over from the East India trading company and crowned Queen Victoria Empress of India, done personally by Benjamin D'israeli. The Arrival of Indians. Britain had seen the West Indies in the 1950's, which sparked off riots with Teddy boys and White working class people, examples of this are riots like notting hill. But it wasn't until the 1990's that east Indians came to Britain It was The New labour government who had opened the Borders to Pakistan, India and other neighbouring countries. However this ment house building and relocation. White workers from poorer areas found resentment towards the Indians due to better new housing and jobs, although living conditions and jobs weren't much better for Indians. Later Racial laws got stricter and this ment racial riots were strictly prohibited as they are Judging people by their skin colour or nationality, unfortunately today these laws are out of hand, as Political correctness, (the PC brigade) monitor all slightly offensive actions or words used in historic British traditions such as the Gollywog toy. The British Colonies and The Native Americans. As Britain landed on the shores of America it instantly cut up the land and destroyed the landscape. With Rival France it couldn't show its self up. Brit John Smith set up Jamestown and instantly met up and fought against the Native Americans, The British Government sent in troops to take the nearby French fort from France, The french had taken on local natives who knew the land, they used them to ambush the British army and destroy it, George Washington was a British general in this battle. Soon The British however had natives of its own, Inuit tribe members and the like, it took a group of forts and then extended its colonies, The Government realised that the trade income was not very good so it needed to tax its people high amounts, it couldn't afford anymore fighting in America due to the war in Europe so it stopped locals from fighting or taken Native land, the People were outraged. So a group of very smart, white, rich men got arm in arm with the people and started a revolution, with no money to spend on troops in America Britain lost the war, retreating back to Canada. The New American government signed a declaration stating all men are equal, that is to say apart from women, slaves and Natives. So The natives trouble had just began.

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Q: How did the British people treat the Indian people?
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