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While the Columbian Exchange brought many new animals and crops, it also brought new diseases for people as well as crops.

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Q: How did the Columbian Exchange hurt America?
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Did the Columbian exchange bring corn to America?

No... corn or maize was already in America, the Columbian Exchange brought corn to the "Old World."

How did pizza come to North America?

The Columbian Exchange

What did America give to Spain in the Columbian Exchange?

Tomatoes Potatoes ....

What disease came to America through the columbian exchange?


Did the Columbian exchange improve life or make life worse in America?

the Columbian exchange was a dramatically widespread exchange of animals, foods, human populations including the slaves too.

What was a cultural exchange that occurred as a result of the columbian exchange?

Europeans found new opportunities in America.

How does the Columbian Exchange work?

De Columbian Exchange twas rather extroidenary. De Europeans traveled to North America in hope of money, goods, and slaves!

What is the name of the exchange of cultures between Europe and latin America during the triangle trade?

It is known as the Columbian Exchange.

How did the Columbian Exchange affect america?

The Columbian exchange of goods imported and exported at first seemed like it was beneficial for all people because there were resources such as crops that could be shared. The downfall of the Columbian exchange for America was the native people had no immunity to the diseases brought over from other countries. The affect on the people was death to a lot of the Indians.

What is a synonym for columbian exchange?

One synonym for the Columbian Exchange is the "Great Exchange."

Which food came to Europe though the Columbian exchange?

Llamas, Guinea Pigs and turkeys were all animals that North America traded with Europe.Turkeys came to Europe through the Columbian Exchange.

What became a major cash crop in Colonial America because of the Columbian Exchange?