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Hippies affected many aspects of American popular culture. Public political demonstrations have come to be accepted as a legitimate means of free speech, sexual freedom in media as well as life, gay rights, eastern religions and concepts,. Food cooperatives were introduced during the Hippie Movement. The interest in the natural food movement also has Hippie roots.

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Hard rock and roll came from "hard a-- angry muscians." The war, assassinations, riots, Civil Rights Movement, women's lib movement, the space race, the military draft, ALL HAPPENING AT THE SAME TIME...made them angry, determined, and apparently it all came out in their music.

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they tried to work with the British wich didn't help so they went into war and after became friends. No hippies were involved just famous important people.

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Do you even know who the hippies were?  Please don't post nonsense.

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Q: How did the Hippie movement influence what the US is today?
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