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They tarnished the Harding administration by robbing the U.S. treasury and bribing people. The Ohio gang were drinkers and smokers.

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Q: How did the Ohio gang tarnish the harding administration?
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Us attorney general and a member of harding's corrupt Ohio gang who was forced to resign in administration scandals?

Harry Daugherty

Harding's rowdy friends and cabinet members?

Ohio Gang

What were Warren G. Harding's cronies called?

ohio gang

What was Warren G. Harding's cabinet referred to?

The Ohio Gang

What impact did the Ohio gang have on the harding administration?

First, the "Ohio Gang" wasn't really made up of gangsters. It was a group of politicians and business leaders who became friendly with Mr. Harding when he was still a senator from Ohio. Unfortunately, he was not always able to say "no" to his friends: when he became president, some of these men turned out to be involved with get-rich-quick schemes or corrupt business dealings. And while there is little evidence that President Harding was also involved, he did nothing much to stop them, which contributed to giving his administration a bad reputation.

What were Harding's friends who received political appointments known as?

The Ohio Gang

Hardings group of friends and political advisors brought into his administration?

Ohio Gang

Who is friends were known as the Ohio Gang?

Presidents Warren G. Harding

The nickname for Warren G. Harding's political cronies was?

The Ohio Gang

Why was the Ohio gang important in 1920?

The "Ohio Gang" was important, because they were more focused on Warren G. Harding decisions, and their unfortunate scandals.

What was the nickname of President Harding's friends that scandalized his presidency with their illegal behavior?

the Ohio gang

What president was part of the Ohio Gang?

Warren G. Harding, the twenty-ninth president.