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When looking at the facts: 1. The Russian railroad track (Siberian Railway) was recently completed; and the Russians were just now "warming up" and getting thousands and thousands of more men shipped to the front (far east); Russian manpower was a strong asset. 2. The Japanese were running abit low on men and were definitely running out of money (the war was bankrupting them). 3. True, 2 out of 3 Russian fleets were gone (destroyed/sunk) but they still had one remaining, the Black Sea Fleet; albeit locked up in the Black Sea by treaty. "Treaties" can be modified, amended, ignored, broken, or otherwise changed; and that fleet, since it still existed...could still be used. 4. The Japanese Fleet was still strong...and it would have put the Japanese & Russian fleets on level ground...1 against 1 (one Japanese fleet against one Russian fleet). 5. With the Russian railway completed; there actually wasn't a need to fight naval battles anyway! Russia's strong point was always an ARMY not a Navy! Japan's strong point was always a NAVY not an Army! Why should Russia fight Japan's way? Avoid Japan at sea and fight them where they were not as strong; ON LAND! 6. The only weakness the Czar was showing was indulging in high government luxury which was feeding the fuels of revolution. If he had taken more time/effort to learn about leading men in battle...and the science of war...and less time enjoying "royalty" then he may have slowed down the rising feelings of revolution. The common fighting man doesn't relish watching his commander(s) eating and living in royalty while he's sitting in a mud hole eating dog food (rations). But when the commander(s) eats and lives with the common fighting man in "mud holes" and eats "dog food" then the grunt RESPECTS his leader (commander) and will follow him anywhere and proudly obey his orders...even if it means possible death. The Czar didn't do this; and he paid for it. He lost the war and ten years later lost his throne & his life.

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Q: How did the Russo-Japanese war show the czar's weakness?
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