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In order to understand this you have to know about the history. Religious groups (Baptist Christians) attempted to amend the Constitution of Virginia changing the words to "Our lord Jesus Christ." The measure was soundly defeated, with only 1 vote for the measure. This sentament was carried over into congressional debates on the constitution and was eventually enacted as part of the 1st amendment; thereby preventing the sponsorship of any one religion over another.

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first amendment

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Q: How did the Virginia statute for religious freedom influence the U.S. Constitution?
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Which State had a statute for religious freedom reducing the influence of the church?


What are two documents used to write the Constitution?

The Virginia Statute of religious freedom and the Virginia decleration of rights.

What does the Virginia states for religious freedom say?

what does the Virginia statute for religious freedom say

The Virginia statute for established precedent of religious tol rance and freedom?

The Virginia statute for religious freedom established precedent of religious tol rance and freedom.

What guaranteed the freedom of religious beliefs and opinions?

The Virginia Statue for Religious Freedom

It attracted settlers desiring religious freedom?

The Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom attracted settlers desiring religious freedom

What document influenced the constitution?

Virginia Charters: rights of englishmen guaranteed to colonists (influenced Constitution:created group assembly to make laws- rep. gov't) Virginia Declaration of Rights: granted people of VA liberties and freedoms (influence Constitution: model for Bill of Rights) Dec. of Independence: stated grievances against the king.....independence from England (influenced Constitution: unalienable rights and all people are equal under the law) Articles of Confederation: to establish a new gov't in the U.S. (weakness' of the Articles lead to writing the Constitution) Virginia Statue of Religious freedom: natural rights to free opinion and practice of religion in VA (influenced constitution: freedom of religious beliefs- first amendment)

Did colonial Virginia have religious freedom?


Was the Virginia colony established for religious freedom?


What documents influenced ideas about Government in the United States?

The documents that influenced ideas about government include: - Magna Carta - The Constitution - English Bill of Rights - Mayflower Compact - Declaration of Independence - State Constitutions - Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom

When was the Virginia statute for religious freedom writen?


Massachusetts and Virginia were started for religious freedom?