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When the war veterans came to D.C. demanding the pensions they were promised by the government, Hoover had them dispersed with tear gas and fire. This particular move made Hoover seem hateful and unconcerned with the problems of the average American, who made up the largest part of the voting public.

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Q: How did the bonus army conflict contribute to hoover's downfall?
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What is bonus law?

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What did the bonus army want the government to do?

They wanted the government to give WWI veterans a $1,000 bonus.

What is the Bonus Army incident?

The Bonus Army was not actually and army. It was a group of picketers (protestors). The picketers consisted mostly of World War I veterans and their families. Congress had voted them a bonus for their war service in 1924 (thus the name Bonus Army). Since this was during the Great Depression, the WWI veterans needed their bonuses quickly. However, thousands of these people (said to have been 20,000) were going to get their bonus years from then. It was like being promised something but not being given what they were promised. The Bonus Army set up a Hooverville (shantytown) in the U.S. Capitol lawn in 1932. They were protesting for their bonuses, when President Hoover sent the U.S. Army to clear them out. At first, the Bonus Army believed that the army was there for them. They cheered and waved their American Flags. Despite their expectations, the army came with tear gas, guns, and bayonets. They were not there to help the Bonus Army. As a result, many people were injured and hurt, and an infant died. The Bonus Army was no more, their Hooverville was torn down, and billy clubs were used on the resistant people. President Hoover claimed he had rescued the country from mob action; while Americans were disappointed and hung their heads in shame.

The protest that caused the biggest blow to Hoover's popularity was what?

Bonus Army

The group of world war 1 veterans who marched on Washington in 1932 was called the?

bonus army

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How did hoovers treatment of bonus army affect his standing with the public?

Most American citizens were outraged by Hoover's treatment of the Bonus Army. So much so, that he lost the election to Franklin D. Roosevelt.

How did Douglas MacArthur respond to herbert hoovers order to clear bonus army veterans from their makeshift camps?

he used force to remove to protesters.

How didgeneral Douglas MacArthur respond to herbert hoovers order to clear bonus army veterans from their makeshift camps?

He used force to remove protesters

What was the result of hoovers order to remove the bonus army out of Washington dc?

The order ended any chance he had to be reelected.

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