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First of all, our elections now take place only on one day. That particular election took place from a monday December 15th 1788 to Saturday January 10th 1789. It was the only election that ever took place that was partially in a year that wasn't a multiple of 4. In the election George Washington was unanimously elected for the office of President, and John Adams was the vice president. Basically there was not a formal election- individual states chose who they were going to send to elect the President, and when they all met together they unanimously voted for Washington. The total number of electoral votes was 69.

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1796 was the first contested election. George Washington unanimouly won the first two elections, but in 1796, there were two parties with different ideas as to how the federal government should operate.

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The election of 1796 marked the emergence of the political party system in the United States.

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Q: How did the election of 1796 differ from the first president elections?
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The Presidential elections of 1796 were the third quadrennial elections. It was the first time that president and vice president were selected from opposing parties.

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