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By the end of the Revolutionary War the loyalists many had to return to England. They were hated and not welcome by most of the colonist.

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Q: How did the end of the revolutionary war affect the loyalists?
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Are the loyalists and Patriots of the revolutionary war friends?


Did the loyalists win the American revolutionary war?

No, the United States prevailed over the Loyalists.

Were the loyalists during the Revolutionary War imprisoned?

Some people were imprisoned for being loyalists during the Revolutionary War. Most of then were put in jail for actually helping the British.

Who was the loser in the Revolutionary War?

Great Britain but also the Loyalists.

What was the date of the day the loyalists were defeated in the revolutionary war?

it was 1777

About what percentt of Americans were Loyalists during the Revolutionary War?


What are historical periods?

When the loyalists lost to the patriots in the revolutionary war.

What were the two sides in the Revolutionary War called?

Loyalists and Patriots

What was goal of the British when the Revolutionary War shifted to the southern states?

With the help of Loyalists

What action was taken by about 100000 Loyalists during and after the Revolutionary War?

Which event was most likely to have pleased the Loyalists

How did the end of the revolutionary war affect loyalist?

alot of reasons son.

How did the end of the revolutionary war affect the loyalist?

alot of reasons son.