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THis article addresses the Ft. Gower Resolutions of Nov. 5, 1774. In the resolutions, the British troops agreed to the resolution that illustrates some of the grievances that helped push colonists towards revolution.

The Resolution is as follows:

Resolved, That we will bear the most

faithful allegiance to his Majesty King

George the Third, whilst his Majesty

delights to reign over a brave and free people;

that we will, at the expense of life and

every thing dear and valuable, exert ourselves

in support of the honour of his

Crown and the dignity of the British

Empire. But as the love of Liberty, and

attachment to the real interests and just

rights of America outweigh every other consideration,

we resolve that we will exert

every power within us for the defense of

American liberty, and for the support of her

just rights and privileges; not in any precipitate,

riotous, or tumultuous manner, but

when regularly called forth by the unanimous

voice of our countrymen.

Resolved, That we entertain the greatest

respect for his Excellency the Right

Honourable Lord Dunmore, who commanded

the expedition against the

Shawanese; and who, we are confident,

underwent the great fatigue of this singular

campaign from no other motive than the

true interest of this country.

Signed by order and in behalf of the

whole Corps

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Q: How did the fort Gower address hint at colonial independence?
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