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they declared independence on the United states. They signed the Declaration of Independence

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Q: How did the founding fathers committ treason?
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What crime was committed by founding fathers when they wrote declaration of independence?

By signing the declaration, the founding fathers were comitting treason.

What would have happened if your founding fathers would have failed and been convicted of high treason?

King George III was very clear.... the Founding Fathers would not have been "Founding Fathers," they would have been criminals and tried for treason subject to the King and the laws of England prohibitting treasonous acts. Simply put... they would of most certainly been hanged.(S.Menzel)

Were the Founding fathers guilty of treason when they called themselves indepentdent?

After they won independence from England, they were not guilty. While the colonies were under England's rule, they were guilty of treason to England.

Would the founding fathers be considered terrorists today?

No. MLM No. While the UN has failed to provide an internationally accepted definition of terrorism, it's quite clear that the founding fathers were not proponents of terrorism, but of treason. I know those "t" words can be confusing.

When did the founding fathers become founding fathers?

I think on 1943

Who made the government?

In the US, our founding fathers.

Did any of the founding fathers have pets?

no.none of the founding fathers have pets

What would you tell a founding father?

I would ask Americas founding fathers, how they became Americas founding fathers? Also why did they sign the deceleration of independence? Lastly why do we have founding fathers?

How many Founding Fathers were there?

There were 74 delegates/founding fathers at the constitutional convention

Were your founding fathers treasonous or communist?

The king considered the Patriot cause to be treason. Communism didn't exist for another 200 years so they couldn't have been communist.

Why do you think the Founders so carefully defined and limited the act of treason?

Nearly everything we see in the U.S. Constitution was in response to an abuse by the British government. The issue with treason under British rule was that treason was anything that the king did not like. Many personal enemies of the king were executed under "treason." This is why the founding fathers wanted to define and limit the act of treason.

What did the four founding fathers do?

Which ones? There are more than four founding fathers, my friend.