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they threw him in prison

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Q: How did the government authorities deal with Mandela?
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How many years was Nelson Mandela held prisoner by the South African Authorities?

20 years

Why did Mandela do what he did?

Nelson Mandela was a member of a group that was against apartheid. Violence was sometimes used to bring pressure on the government.

What was Nelson Mandela changed for?

Mandela was charged for planning to overthrow the government with violence.

What kind of government you have now in the Philippines?

Nelson Mandela

Why was Mandela called ' the black pimpernal'?

The press called Nelson Mandela 'The Black Pimpernel' during his clashes with the South African authorities because of his ability to avoid the police, using several disguises, a favourite of which was a chauffeur.

What are deligated powers?

They are powers handed down to lesser authorities to deal with.

Was elected president of a coalition government in the Republic of South Africa by the National Assembly in 1994?

nelson mandela

How did Nelson Mandela react to the Sharpeville massacre?

Answer this question… Mandela concluded that protestors must consider violence as a response to violence on the part of the government.

What statement describes how Nelson Mandela reacted to the Sharpeville massacre?

Mandela concluded that protesters must consider violence as a response to violence on the part of the government

Did Mandela use sabotage?

Yes, he attacked many government vehicles and property

What was Nelosn Mandela fighting for?

Nelson Mandela fought for racial equality in South Africa.

What is a federal form of government?

Central power and less authorities