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The Home rule party started to decline in 1916 after the Easter Rising, the huge number of arrests (2,000, people-many of whom were innocent) and the executions of fifteen men including the signatories of the proclamation were executed. These arrests and executions particularly that of James Connolly (strapped to a chair because he couldn't stand) and Willie Pearse-brother of Padraig (wasn't involved at all in Rising) really appealed to the Irish people and created an intense anti English feeling. This also led to the idea that a Republic was the answer to the Irish Question as opposed to Home Rule. Also many Home rulers were angry at the idea that Ireland would be partitioned an idea which John Redmond would claim was only temporary. Sinn Fein were also boasting the idea of parliamentary abstentionism from Westminster and also advocated the setting up of an Irish parliament in Dublin and many felt that Sinn Fein should be given a go at solving the Irish Question. By the 1918 general election, The HR party, (IPP) won 6 seats as opposed to 84 and a balance of power in 1910. Sinn fein who had no seats in 1910, now had 73 out of 105 Irish seats, by this time the home rule party was effectivly dead.

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Q: How did the home rule party decline?
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