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These amendments removed traditional restrictions of race, gender, and age from voting rights.

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Q: How did the passage of the 15th 19th and 26th Amendments of the Constitution change individual voting rights?
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Why is the US Constitution a living document?

The Constitution of the United States of America is not set in stone. It is constantly subject to subtle interpretive change by the courts and major change by the passage of amendments.

Why does the passage of the 12th amendment support the idea that the constitution is a living constitution?

I don't believe the twelfth amendment supports the idea any more than the other amendments. The idea of a living constitution is the belief that the constitution must change and evolve as our country does and all the amendments are support of that idea because amendments are change. It also comes from the notion that the constitution is purposely broad so as to leave it open for interpretation and change.

What do we call a change to the Constitution?

the change of the Constitution is an amendment

What can change the constitution?

The U. S. Constitution is changed by amendments.

Why do we have amendments to your constitution?

An amendment is a formal way to change the constitution.

What is it called when their is a change to the constitution?

Specific changes to the Constitution are called amendments. There are 27 amendments; the first 10 are called the Bill of Rights.

A change to the United States constitution is called an?

Changes to the Constitution are known as amendments. Currently, there are 27 amendments to the Constitution.The first ten amendments are known as the Bill of Rights. The bill of rights gave individual people powers, such as freedom of speech. The bill of rights was passed in 1791

Change to the constitution?


What is the purpose of adding amendments to the constitution?

It's to change or alter the constitution. So, we add amendments as our nation's culture changes.

The Framers provided this section of the constitution for a changing nation amendments?

The amendment process was added so the constitution could change and grow.

Describes amendments in your own word?

It is a change to the Constitution.

What call changes to the constitutions?

Amendments change a constitution.