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The Quartering Act, was one of the measures that was included in the Intolerable Acts, which were passed by Parliament, to punish the colonists for the Boston Tea Party, which was on December of 1773.

A group of men, dressed as Indians, boarded the ship the Dartmouth and dumped 342 chests of tea into the Boston harbor.

The Quartering Act, forced colonists to provide food and housing for the soldiers who ruled them.

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SO Britain said here America your rebelling and dumping our tea. so instead of shooting you or anything else. we are going to have you house our troops. you will cook for them and clean their clothes.

well how would you like this soldier with a gun in your house watching you 24/7 this also lead to the revolution because of how they made us do this in a time of peace.

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to save money

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Q: How did the quartering act lead to American revolution?
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How are the stamp act and the sugar act connected to the quartering act and the proclamation of 1763?

American Revolution

What was the amendment that was added due to the quartering act prior to the American revolution?

it could eat candy

Long term cause of American revolution?

Navigation Act Stamp Act Quartering Act

How did the quartering act impact the road to revolution?

It was one of the Intolerable Acts that American Colonists refused to accept.

Which British act in the American colonies required colonists to harbor British soldiers?

Quartering Act

What is the order of the acts passed by Great Britain that led to the American revolution?

Sugar Act in 1764 Stamp Act in 1765 Declatory Act Townshed Act Quartering Act Tea Act

6 causes of the American Revolution?

There were many major events that took place that resulted in the American Revolution. Ten of these events include the French and Indian War, the Proclamation of 1763, the Sugar Act, the Currency Act, the Committees of Correspondence of 1764, the Quartering Act, the Stamp Act, the Townshend Acts, the Tea Act, and the Boston Tea Party.

Why is the quartering act important to American revolution?

American colonists understandably did not want to have to provide housing to British soldiers at their own expense. The Quartering Act was therefore deeply offensive, and was a good motive for revolution. There is only so much abuse you can stand.

What prompted colonists to rebel in the mid 1700?

There is no one widely accepted cause of the American Revolution. Instead, there were several separate causes that eventually lead to war. These events included: The Boston Teaparty, The Quartering Act, The Stamp Act, and The Proclomation of 1763.

What was the reaction of the American colonists in the quartering act?


What happened after the Intolerable Acts?

After the Intolerable Acts, which consisted of the Tea Act, the Stamp Act, and the Quartering Act, the Boston Tea party happened. Then, the American Revolutionary War began.

What does quartering act mean?

The Quartering Act were used by the British forces in the American colonies to ensure that British troops had adequate housing and provisions.