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They peed on the government officials.

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The Boston Tea Party

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Q: How did the sons of liberty respond to the Tea Act of 1773?
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In 1773, the colonial Sons of Liberty dumped 342 chests of British goods into Boston Harbor. The colonists took this action because of the?

tea act

What date were the sons of liberty formed?

The Sons of Liberty was a secret society which vowed to protect the colonists rights. Their most famous act was the Boston Tea Party in 1773.

Who was the group of georgians that opposed the stamp act?

The Liberty Boys, part of the Sons of Liberty, were the group of Georgians who opposed the Stamp Act. The Stamp Act was passed in 1765.

What year did Sons of Liberty form?

The Sons of Liberty formed the year after the Stamp Act. Can you find that out? The Sons of Liberty formed the year after the Stamp Act. Can you find that out?

The formation of the sons of liberty was a response to?

The formation of the Sons of Liberty was a response to the Stamp Act.

What was the name of the group that protested against laws like the stamp act?

That was pretty much the Sons of Liberty group.

Why did the sons of the liberty form?

Sons of Liberty formed to lead popular protests against the Stamp Act.

What did the Sons Of Liberty do in respond to England's Tea Act?

They dumped the tea into the Boston harbor, thus the Boston Tea Party

Sons of liberty oppsed what?

the sons of liberty opposed many of Britain's laws and acts. they opposed the stamp act, the sugar act, the townshend acts, and taxation withouth representation. the sons of liberty fought for their country and boycotted Britain

What was the secret organization of American colonists in the 1760s that protested the stamp act as well as the other laws of parliament?

sons of liberty

Did the Daughters of Liberty oppose the stamp act?

Yes along with the sons of liberty.

Colonists respond to the act by?

They were extremely angry. The Sons of Liberty, especially, they held meetings to try to abolish the act.