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the first people in Canada ate poo and pee .

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Q: How did the subarctic people governed?
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Is the eeyou apart of the subarctic?

Not as much as they are people living in the subarctic. The subarctic is a climate zone.

Who are the people who live in the subarctic climate?

We are. Many Canadians live in a subarctic climate.

What wildlife was there for the subarctic first nations?

The wildlife the subarctic people had was moose, elk, deer, rabbits,and caribou.

What do people in the Subarctic wear?


What did the subarctic people wear?

Subarctic people typically wore animal skins and furs for clothing. This helped keep them warm in the cold climate of the region. They also used materials like bark and grass for making garments.

What did the Subarctic people use for hunting and fishing?


What did the subarctic people use for transportating?

they used foot and canoes

Native people of the subarctic are?

The Full Ugliest people in the Canadian history of historys Kangaroos

What are laws of the peoples of the subarctic?

what are some laws in the subarctic

What are the jobs the subarctic people have?

Some people teach at the schools or hunt for blubber such as whale blubber

Who governed the people in the middle ages?

they were governed by a king or queen.

Why did subarctic people's live in different types of shelters at different times?