How did the us army start?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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US Army started with a militia

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Q: How did the us army start?
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When did the US army start?


How do you find someone army career?

Well for a start it would help if you told us in WHICH army.

Why did the us army start?

to free the Americas from British rule

What is the music playby the us army to start their duty day?


How can you volunteer for the US army?

Start by contacting a recruiter for the US Army. They are listed in the phone book, under US Government. The link at the bottom of this page will also take you to the US Army website, and there is a "chat with a recruiter" link there. Good luck!

What are some engineering careers that start with the letter U?

US Army Corps

What year did the salvation army start in the US?

William Booth started it in 1865 (although it wasn't called "Salvation Army" until about 1880.

When did Generals start wearing stars as an insignia of rank in the US Army?

On 18 June 1780.

What word would you use to describe the US Army at the start of the world war of 1812?


When did the US Army start carring the stars and stripes as a national color?

The US Army recognized the Stars and Stripes on the day it was adopted as the flag of the United States of America, 14 June 177.

Does the US Army Corp of Engineers receive US government funding?

The US Army, like the US Department of Defense, is supported by the tax payer. The US Army Corp of Engineers is part of the US Army; just like the US Army Artillery, or US Army Armor, or US Army Infantry.

How did the draft start?

When men refused to enlist (volunteer) for the Union Army (US Army) during the US Civil War (1861-1865), Uncle Sam DRAFTED THEM!