How did thomas gage die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Thomas Gage's health had begun to decline and after a long illness, he died in Portland Place, London England on April 2, 1787.

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Q: How did thomas gage die?
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Did General Thomas gauge die in battle?

No, General Thomas Gage did not die in battle. Gage died on April 2, 1787 after his health began to decline.

Did Thomas Gage have children?

Thomas Gage had four children in his whole lifetime.

Who was the british military governor of massachusetts in 1775?

General Thomas Gage

Did thomas gauge die in the war?

Thomas Gage did not die in the war he died 12 years afterwards only if you are talking about the revoulutionary war

Who was General Thomas gage's mother?

thomas gage's mother wasElizabethTraviss

Who replaced Thomas Hutchinson as the governor of Massachusetts in 1774?

gen. Thomas Gage

Who were Thomas Gage's parents?

Thomas Gage, 1st Viscount Gage (father) and Benedicta Maria (mother, maiden name).

What year was Thomas gage governor?

the Question is May 25,1774 when thomas gage was governor

What has the author Thomas Gage Gage written?

Thomas Gage Gage has written: 'The speech of the the [sic] Lord Viscount Gage, in Parliament, against the convention with Spain' -- subject(s): Relations, Treaty of Pardo

What is thomas gage time line?

Thomas Gage died in the year 1787 on the day April 2nd. He was about 67 or 68.

Is Thomas Hutchinson the same as Thomas gauge?

No. Thomas Hutchinson was the predecessor to Thomas Gage. Thomas Hutchinson was the governor of Massachusetts 1st and was eventually replaces by Thomas Gage. Thomas Gage was an important British General in the Revolutionary War. His actions with the Intolerable/ Coercion Act and in the Battles of Lexington and Concord contributed to the start of the war.

How old was Thomas Gray at death?

Thomas Gage was born in 1721 to be exact. The month is absolutely unknown!