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There have always been hungry people in the world but the modern idea of world hunger means there is severe poverty and hunger in some areas and an over-abundance of food in other areas. Causes of world hunger include poverty, crop failures, drought, and larger populations that have developed over the years.

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Q: How did world hunger start?
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When did world hunger start?

Hunger has been an element of man from the beginning of man.

Will your world actually start a Hunger Games?

The chances of this world actually having a 'Hunger Games' is slim to nothing. Having a 'Purge' on the other hand is liklier.

How does world hunger effect the environment?

People can start eating plants. For example: Bamboo.

How much does it cost to feed the world?

Well, let's start this off by understanding "Hunger", what is hunger, we'll the leading cause of what creates hunger is IMI he is Hungarian and everyone knows hungarians eat soo much that it causes world hunger... so let's stop feeding the IMI's of the world free up some food from rossane and let's feed EVERYONE... very simple

Should battery farming be used to solve world hunger?

no becuase chickens have rights and they will start talking to you about how you hurt them.

Where can one find statistics on world hunger?

There are several online websites that provide statistics about world hunger. World Hunger, Move for Hunger, Feed One and Stop the Hunger are online sources where one could find these statistics.

When was World Hunger Year created?

World Hunger Year was created in 1975.

Should the world take care of the world hunger first or racism?

World hunger. Lots of blacks suffer from world hunger, and if we help them, it'll also help with racism.

Who is the author of To A Hunger Free World?

M.S.Swaminathan is the author of the book 'To A Hunger Free World'?

What are some of the facts about world hunger?

In 2012, World Hunger affected 925,000,000 people, with the largest percentage of the affected living in Asia and the pacific. World hunger doesn't simply refer to 'hunger', but to a lack of food in countries throughout the world.

When did the world food programme start up?

The World Food Program is an agency with the United Nations, working to combat hunger in the world. It was founded in December of 1961. It is headquartered in Rome.

How do you use hunger in a sentence?

World hunger is a big problem.