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The Lost Generation was a name for the young generation of Americans who were in Europe during the First World War and returned afterward as a way to rebel against mainstream America. This generation was skeptical of authority and writers often portrayed America as a nation that made them lose hope in modern society. These writers tended to adopt influences from European cultures instead.

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Q: How did writers of the lost generation portray American life?
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American writers of the 1920's have often been called the lost generation because they?

were disillusioned with the course of American life

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Who wrote modern chivalry the first American novel of portray life during the revolutional war?

The first American novel to portray life during the Revolutionary War is "Modern Chivalry" by Hugh Henry Brackenridge. It was published in two parts in 1792 and 1797 and is considered a satirical work offering insights into American society during that time.

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Who wrote Modern Chivalry the first american novel to portray life during the Revolutional War?

henry hugh brackenridger

who were the writers of the lost generation and what did they criticize in their writings?

The writers of the Lost Generation, such as Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald, criticized the disillusionment and sense of aimlessness that followed World War I. They often portrayed the emptiness of modern life, the effects of trauma, and the shallowness of society in their writings. Their works reflected a generation struggling to find meaning in a rapidly changing world.

Which event most influenced writers during the 1920s?

The event which most influenced writers during the 1920s was World War I. These writers were known as 'The Lost Generation' because they came back from the war so disillusioned with life. This state of mind is generally reflected in their writing.

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