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They are appointed by the president subject to approval by the US Senate.

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The President nominates them, and the Senate confirms the nominations.

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Q: How do cabinet members get their jobs?
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How do members of the cabinet obtain their jobs?

They are appointed by the President

What are the jobs performed by US cabinet members?

Cabinet members are in the executive branch. They run the department of which they are secretary ,give information to the President and help assist him in handling problems and making decisions, particularly those relating to their department .

What are 3 types of jobs that the president has the power to appoint?

2 of them are ambassador, cabinet officers, and the last one i forgot. =-) ♥ =-)

Who are Jimmy Carter's cabinet members?

Who were Jimmy Carter's cabinet members

What are Canadian cabinet members called?

Members of the Canadian Cabinet are called Cabinet ministers (not all ministers necessarily sit in Cabinet).

What is the title of cabinet members of Canada?

it is the i don't know title for the cabinet members

Chester a Arthur's cabinet members?

who was chesters key members of hid cabinet

What is the number of members in the UAE's cabinet?

There are a total of 24 members in the U.A.E cabinet. :)

Can cabinet members run against incumbents?

Yes, but it's usually the incumbent that gave them their jobs. "Never bite the hand that feeds you."

Who are the people who are the members of parliament who are not members of the cabinet or shadow cabinet?

They're called the "Backbenchers"

Who apoints cabinet members?

The executive branch is responsible for appointing all cabinet members.

Are there only three cainet members in Washington's Cabinet?

is their only three members in the washingtons cabinet