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i relaly dont know am asking the same thing too

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Q: How do i create a visual for Henry Clay's American System?
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What did clays American system include?

Justin Bieber

What was an unintended result of Henry clays American system?

high tariffs

How does clays American system help all US regions?


was an unintended result of Henry clays American system?

high tariffs

Why did Henry clays American system fail?

There are a number of reasons why Henry Clay's American system failed. The main reason is believed to have been lack of sufficient funding.

Why was the south against the Henry clay's American system answer?

Because southerners opposed paying for roads and canals that brought no direct benefits and therefore opposed clays american system as a result. (:

What was the name of Henry clays plan to strengthen the economy of each region of the nation and keep the federal government strong?

american system

Would the North South Democrats or Republicans have unpopularity with Clays American System?

Which one? Law, measurement, government, power distribution, education?

What was Henry clay's system?

what was henry clays systeam

What was the American plan?

the American plan was Henry clays idea and it basically made a better economy.

Henry clays American system refers to?

Is A. American industrializtion B. Federal support of American econmic development C. Protecting the Western Hemisphere from further European colonization D. Maintaining neutrality in the disputes between Britain and France

What did henry clays american system include?

Henry Clay's system included three parts:a tariff to protect and promote American industry;a national bank to foster commerce;and federal subsidies for roads,canals, and other "internal improvements" to develop profitable markets for agriculture.