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Landfills are a great example of "Out of sight - out of mind" Once the final cover od soil and grass is in place the potential problems are ignored.

Wastes in a landfill can be broken down into several categories: * Inert * Toxic * Biodegradable * Soluble (leachable)

A properly designed waste disposal site is contained by liners and clay covers so that nothing gets in or out. A poorly designed system is more like a teabag.

So what comes and goes through a poorly designed site?

Water comes through from the surface. This speeds up decomposition and brings in oxygen to promote the growth of microorganisms.

The decomposing organics liberate methane gas (a powerful greenhouse gas). The gas flows out of the surface of the site to the atmosphere or travels with pores in the soil to local basements causing safety problems.

As the water seeps through the mass of waste it dissolves organics, salts and metals from the site. These flow down and into the groundwater where they degrade the potability and usefulness of the water in several ways. If the water flows out into a stream it can kill fish or eutrophy the water to promote algae growth

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Landfills pollute groundwater, because the waste seeps into the soil and then pollutes the water, if not professionally designed and frequently topped by bulldozing a soil layer on top.

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Q: How do landfills pollute groundwater?
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Where does much of the trash that is generated by americans end up?

The trash Americans generate ends up in landfills. Landfills are becoming full and it is a problem to decide what to do with all the trash.

What government agency oversees landfills?

Enviromental protection agency

What caused new legislation to be passed in New Jersey in 1973?

In 1973 the new jersey legislature passed laws prohibiting the importation of solid or liquid waste that originated or was collected outside the territorial limits of the state. Operators of private landfills and several cities in other states with whom the collectors had contacts for waste disposal brought suit, attacking the new jersey law as unconstitutional.

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Why must landfills be replaced far away from groundwater sources?

Landfills must be located far away from groundwater sources to prevent contamination of the water supply. Leachate, a liquid byproduct of decomposing waste in landfills, can contain harmful chemicals that can seep into the groundwater and pollute it. Placing landfills away from groundwater sources helps protect the quality of drinking water and the environment.

What are the negative consequences of dumping waste in the landfills?

It can pollute the groundwater.

How can landfills pollute the water?


Can farm animals pollute groundwater?

yes it can

What is groundwater and why is groundwater pollution the most likely environmental danger of landfills?

Groundwater is water that is stored beneath the earth's surface in soil and rock formations. Groundwater pollution from landfills occurs when chemicals and toxins from the waste leak into the groundwater, contaminating it and posing risks to human health and the environment. This is a common environmental danger of landfills because the liner systems meant to prevent leakage can degrade over time, allowing pollutants to seep into the groundwater.

Is incinerating better than landfills?

my opinion, landfills are better because it doesn't pollute or send alot toxic fumes into the air.

What negative impact can landfills have?

There are many negative impacts that a landfill can have on the environment. Landfills can pollute the soil and stink up the surrounding area.

What is one of the negative consequences of dumping waste in?

It can pollute the groundwater.

What happens when poisonous chemicals accumaate in landfills?

When poisonous chemicals accumulate in landfills, they have the potential to leach into the soil and groundwater, contaminating the surrounding environment. This can harm local ecosystems, pollute water sources, and pose health risks to nearby communities. Proper waste management practices, such as containment systems and monitoring, are essential to mitigate these risks.

How could hazardous wastes in landfills eventually affect groundwater.?

because the dirt will absorb the hazardous waste from the landfills and goes from the dirt into the water. :)

Can minerals filter through the ground and pollute groundwater?

Yes, minerals can filter through the ground and pollute groundwater. In some cases, minerals can dissolve in water and seep into the groundwater, contaminating it. This pollution can affect the quality of water sources and pose health risks to humans and ecosystems.

How does recycling help people?

Because, if u don't recycle, it will go in landfills, and pollute the air.