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They use a number of different methods to promote the action they seek. They argue in support of bills they favor and against bills they oppose. They place adds in the mass media, promise to help government officials. Lobbyists sometimes urge local groups and individuals to send letters to public officials.

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Q: How do lobbyists try to influence government and public opinion?
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What are the ways in which government policy has been shaped and set by the influence of political parties interest groups lobbyists the media and public opinion with emphasis on Military Policy?

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7 roles of lobbyists?

A lobbyist bribes a politician to vote for special interests rather than public interests. The corrupt the officials with different techniques. They control the government. Professional lobbyists research and analyze legislation or regulatory proposals, attend congressional hearings, and educate government officials and corporate officers on important issues. Lobbyists also work to change public opinion through advertising campaigns or by influencing 'opinion leaders'.

How did government influence public opinion during World War 2?


How did government try to influence public opinion about the war?

Pay attention in class.

How did the government try to influence public opinion the war?

Pay attention in class.

When government workers are hired later as lobbyists referred to as?

public sector

When government workers are later hired as lobbyists referred to as?

public sector

When government workers are later hired as lobbyists it's referred to as...?

public sector

Why are lobbyists important?

Lobbyists are controversial because some of their methods appear rather shady. Lobbyists receive lots of money in some situations, and they pressure legislatures to pass bills that favor their cause. Some argue that lobbyists do not care about the causes, they are in it for the money.

Is the term given to the activities of interest groups that seek to influence the making and implementation of public policy and to persuade government officials to support a group's position.?

It is called lobbying.

How did the US government influence public opinion about the war?

Question needs to be more defined. What war is being referred to?

What factors limit the influence of public opinion on the policy choices of government officials?

Influence on public opinion can be limited by how informed voters are. Even though what the people think is heard, officials do not take it as a final decision. As a nation we trust elected officials to make the right choice. Americans can also have opinions that are against the truths of an issue. For example, environmentalists pay closer attention to laws that affect our environment.