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People create names by using their imagination and sometimes look in books, on computers, Magazines, Bibles, Dictionaries and sometimes even movies.

They look at other peoples names and mix the names up or they could use the parents names and mix it up and make some kind of a name. For example, if the their baby's parents names are Bob and Janet the baby's name could be Bobet even if that is an unusual name.

Use your imagination and think of a great name that no one could think of. It could be in another language but you sometimes have to know the meanings because if you name the person a bad name they might end up being bad.

Nicknames:If a persons name is Bobet the nickname could be bobby. People make nicknames by taking the first name and braking it in half or adding a later after it

Most names around today are actually biblical, such as Johnathan, David, or Mathew etc. If traced back, those names were originally written in the Old or New Testament in Hebrew. The Hebrew names each come from a root word. For example, the name David means "my beloved" and the name Benjamin means "son of my right"


Jonathan: Jonny


Zonta: Zonny

Alicestan: Ally

All people make up names either for their children, to make a rock band, a title to a book or to call you one just for the sake of being original.

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Q: How do people make up names?
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