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how do the rights found in the u.s constitution and the bill of rights reflect the influence of classical republicanism and natural rights philosophy

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Q: How do the rights found in the US Constitution and the bill of rights reflect the influence of classical republicanism and natural rights philosophy?
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They elect representatives to carry out their will in what is called republicanism.

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Which principales of government are reflected in the tx constitution and how do they influence the government?

federalism limited government checks and balances induvidual rights seperation of powers popular sovernty republicanism

Why was John Locke's book banned?

John Locke's book "Two Treatises of Government" was not banned. It was a key work in the development of political philosophy and had significant influence on the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.

What source did the framers draw in writing the constitution?

Several of the ideas in the Constitution were new, and a large number of ideas were drawn from the literature of Republicanism in the United States, from the experiences of the 13 states, and from the British experience with mixed government. The most important influence from the European continent was from Montesquieu, who emphasized the need to have balanced forces pushing against each other to prevent tyranny. (This in itself reflects the influence of Polybius' 2nd-century BC treatise on the checks and balances of the constitution of the Roman Republic.) john Locke is known to have been a major influence, and the due process clause of the United States Constitution was partly based on common law stretching back to the Magna Carta of 1215.

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