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Historically speaking, third parties have had a limited influence on American politics. Currently, the two major American parties--the Democrats and Republicans--have deliberately crafted platforms designed to address most of the concerns of the voting public. However, it is possible for a third party to seize political advantage by successfully arguing that existing parties are not offering a sufficient solution to a pressing problem. In this way, third parties that gain momentum usually do so by aligning themselves with one particular cause, such as debt reduction or Immigration. By leveraging one specific argument, that resonates with an identifiable segment of the voting public, third parties can temporarily present themselves as fresh alternatives to the "stagnant" positions of Democrats and Republicans. Over the long term, however, it becomes very difficult for a third party to remain new in the eyes of the voter and failure to win office consistently makes it difficult to secure the funding needed to sustain a challenge to established parties.

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Q: How do third parties influence American politics?
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What function do third parties service in American politics?

third parties often have promoted ideas that were at firts unpopular or hotly debated

Why third party politics failed?

They don't have such money as twin-parties do

What third parties has become an active force in Texas Politics?

The Libertarian Party

What kind of influence have third parties had over the years?

little to none

A significant party outside the two dominant parties in US politics is what?

a third party

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How do third parties influence politics?

Short term they take votes away from one of the political parties more than from the other. Long term the party losing votes may react by accepting some of the core positions of the upstart party in order to get rid of them.

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What two third parties influenced American politics?

The Republican party started out as a third party. The Whig Party was important because they brought the Compromise of 1850. The Progressive Party brought reforms and many of their ideas were adopted by the Democrats.

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What four things help to maintain the two party system?

In the US we find these factors help to perpetuate the two party system: 1. The two parties (Democrat and Republican) already have elected many people to office and therefore both have a great deal of power and influence. It is therefore easier for a voter to influence politics by supporting one of these two parties, than it would be to try to promote some third party, which presently has no power and no elected officials, to a position of power.2. Most voters find that their particular political interests or opinions are supported by one of the two parties. American politics tend to divide more or less into progressive vs. conservative, and these two categories, represented by the two parties, satisfy most voters.3. The entrenched parties have lots of money and can afford to spend a lot on their campaigns. Third parties have trouble competing.4. Because it is very likely that any election is going to be won by a member of one of the two main parties, most people are reluctant to vote for a third party on the grounds that a third party candidate will probably lose, and therefore, to vote for such a candidate accomplishes nothing. If you vote for one of the two main parties, you have at least a chance of helping to elect someone.

What impact do third (minor) parties have on national politics?

No impact. Generally the canadates running are ignored and they may split the vote.