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inside the earth is gases and it gets very hot. this melts the rock and builds up pressure. Eventually it causes a volcanic eruption

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Q: How do volcanoes cause destruction?
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What is the relationship of earthquakes and volcanoes?

They both create destruction.

Do earthquakes explode like volcanoes?

No, earthquakes and volcanoes are different geological events. Earthquakes are caused by the movement of tectonic plates beneath the Earth's surface, while volcanoes erupt due to magma or gas buildup beneath the Earth's crust. While both can cause destruction, earthquakes do not explode like volcanoes.

What are some destruction caused by volcanoes?

deaths, homes are destroyed

What volcanoes can cause?

Volcanoes can cause various natural disasters, including eruptions, pyroclastic flows, ash fall, lava flows, lahars (mudflows), and gas emissions. These events can lead to loss of life, property destruction, and environmental impacts.

Do maximum destruction cause at epicenter?

yes it cause major destruction

What gun causes the most destruction?

Guns do not cause destruction. They may be used by people that cause destruction.

What is true about both earthquakes and volcanoes?

Both earthquakes and volcanoes are natural geological phenomena that result from movements and interactions within the Earth's crust. They can both cause significant destruction and have the potential to harm people, infrastructure, and the environment.

What plate boundary can cause volcanoes?

What type of boundaries cause volcanoes? Divergent and transform fault boundaries cause volcanoes because they separate. Convergent boundaries cause earthquakes because they collide with other plates.

What kind of plates cause volcanoes?

Plates do not cause volcanoes. Volcanoes generally form at the boundaries between plates. They form at convergent and divergent boundaries.

Can a tornado cause death and destruction?

Yes. Tornadoes are well known for the death and destruction they cause.

Are volcanoes are more powerful then nuclear weapons?

Volcanoes can release more energy in a single eruption compared to nuclear weapons, but nuclear weapons can have a more immediate and devastating impact due to their ability to cause widespread destruction in a short amount of time. Both can be immensely destructive in their own ways.

Do plates pulling apart cause volcanoes?

no but coliding plates create volcanoes