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You haven't given us a time or place for your question. All of history is made of events.

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Q: How do we know an event happened?
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What important event in history happened in 1702?

lots of stuff happened but do you know what cause i don't.If you know the correct answer please get it to me soon

What event happened after Rosa parks was arrested?

I don't know why you asking me?

What life-changing event happened to Sacagawea during the expedition?

oii dont know

What special event happened in California?

i think it is the fall festible but i do not know

What life-changing event happened to Sacagawea during the expedition encounter?

oii dont know

When you can use prior?

You use the word prior when speaking to an event, like; prior to an event, it means this happened before a certain event, or before something happened. Say there was a crime, and people were talking about how this happened, and what happened prior to this event.

What event happen on semptember 9?

The bombings of the twin towers in New York happened on September 11th, but I don't know what happened September 9th.

Did peasants have birthdays?

No. Most didn't know when they were born or how old they were unless a major event happened and they were told.

Which event describes a change where evolution has happened?

An allele frequency changes in a population.

What big event happened between 1893-1983?

I dont know. Ask your mom.

What astronomical event happened in 1999 august?

what astronomical event happened in august 1999

What id foreshadowing?

A way of predicting the future - an event that happened in the past could be linked to something that we know will happen...