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I think it would take a constitutional amendment,

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Q: How do you abolish the Electoral College?
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Did Andrew Jackson abolish the electoral college?


Who ellects the president of the US?

The electoral college

Who are the electors in the electoral college?

The citizens are the voters for the electoral college.

Do you favor abolishing the electoral college?

We the people, not we electoral college

Who directly elect the president?

electoral college

Did the new constitution abolish slavery true or false?

No, the Constitution not only did not abolish slavery but supported it in its current state at the time. It even gave slave states an advantage in the House of Representatives and the Electoral College by counting slaves as 3/5ths of a person but denying them a vote.

Who is against the electoral college?

Individuals who support the candidate that lost the Electoral College election generally are against the Electoral College system.

After people vote in their state the is used to determine the winner of the presidential race?

electoral college The Electoral College probabably electoral college

The US presidential election features the?

electoral college.

What college is the president chosen by?

The president is chosen by an electoral college.

What aspect of presidential election did Andrew Jackson try but fail to achieve?

One aspect of the presidential election that Andrew Jackson tried but ultimately failed to achieve was the elimination of the Electoral College system. He believed that the Electoral College undermined the principle of "one person, one vote" and favored the interests of the wealthy elite. Despite his efforts, Jackson was unable to gather enough support to abolish the Electoral College during his presidency.

Can we abolish the electoral college?

The electoral college was created by the United States Constitution in 1788. The first U.S. presidential election was in 1789. George Washington was elected as the first president of the United States. The election was conducted under the new United States Constitution, which had been ratified earlier in 1788. In the election, George Washington received all 69 electoral votes and was unanimously elected president. John Adams was elected vice-president. Abolishment of the U.S. electoral college would require amendment of the United States Constitution.