How do you become a voter?

Updated: 8/18/2023
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Occasionally you'll find registration booths set up here and there (the library, mall, etc.) but you can go to your local seat of government, city hall, court house, or license bureau and ask. Go at least 6 weeks before the election, if you can.

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To become a voter, you must meet the voter eligibility requirements and register to vote. In the United States, you must be a United States citizen who is 18 years of age. Each state may have their own requirements.

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Contact your local government or county elections board. You may need to write a letter explaining your request. They will promptly remove you from the voters registry.

As another option, you might try re-registering in the Independent party ... You won't be able to vote in any Primaries, but one can still vote in the General elections ... one way to still let your voice be heard without all the turmoil usually associated with being part of the major parties.

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In order to register to vote, one must :

1. citizen of US,

2. 18 years old, conviction of felony or legally insane

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Q: How do you become a voter?
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