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Get a third party trusted by both sides to start a mediated settlement by finding common ground and compromises that both sides are willing to take.

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Q: How do you end political violence in a country?
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What is thedifference between political violence from the other forms of violence?

It simply means that the violence was spurred by political beliefs that are at odds with each other.

What is called a person who uses violence for political reasons is called?

A person who uses violence for political reasons is called a terrorist. Terrorism is the use of violence or intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.

What is the duration of The End of Violence?

The duration of The End of Violence is 2.03 hours.

What is defined as socially sanctioned violence to achieve a political purpose?

War is defined as socially sanctioned violence to achieve a political purpose.

When was The End of Violence created?

The End of Violence was created on 1997-09-12.

What is an émigrés?

An émigré is a person who has left their own country to settle in another, usually for political reasons or to escape persecution. They often maintain ties to their home country and may continue to be involved in political activities or causes related to their homeland. The term is commonly used to refer to individuals who flee their country due to war, violence, or political instability.

The use of violence by groups against civilians to achieve a political goal?

Terrorism is the use of violence by groups against to achieve a political goal.

State of lawlessness or political disorder?

Anarchy-Political disorder and violence; lawlassness.

Two ways to gauge political violence are?

Tracking the number of violent incidents or clashes that occur during political rallies, protests, or conflicts. This can be done through media reports or official records. Examining patterns of political assassinations, terrorist attacks, or acts of insurgency in a particular region or country. This can provide insight into the level and nature of political violence occurring within a given context.

What has the author L Weinberg written?

L. Weinberg has written: 'Religious Fundamentalism and Political Extremism (Cass Series--Totalitarian Movements and Political Religions)' 'The Democratic Experience and Political Violence (Cass Series on Political Violence, 9)'

What has the author H L Nieburg written?

H. L. Nieburg has written: 'In the name of science' 'Nuclear secrecy and foreign policy' -- subject(s): Nuclear energy, Nuclear weapons 'Political violence' -- subject(s): Political sociology, Political violence, Violence

How terrorist action is justifiable is justifiable?

Terrorism is the practice of making people fearful. It uses violence or the threat of violence in an attempt to achieve and end that has not been possible by political or other peaceful means. There is no justification for it in the minds of reasonable people.