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Queen Victoria did have a writing table constructed from the timbers of the HMS Resolute, which was kept for many years in Buckingham Palace, is in fact a twin of the desk in Washington.

It may be a twin, but it is not an identical twin. The writing table is smaller, has a wood top and 4 legs. It is presently on loan from Buckingham Palace to the Royal Naval Museum.

The Resolute Desk is a partners desk with two pedestals and a top with 6 drawers.

In addition, there is another desk - a smaller ladies desk which is in the Boston Whaling Museum. It was made for the widow of the HMS Resolute's captain Grinell.

Furthermore, there is at least one small writing case that was also made from the HMS Resolute timbers.

Pictures may be seen on the website.

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Q: How do you know if the resolute twins are for a fact not any part in the fiction of the national treasure book of secrets movie?
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Yes, Queen Victoria had two identical desks made from the timbers of HMS Resolute, one of which became the Resolute Desk of the Oval Office. There is however some controversy over the location of the twin desk.

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