How do you make a spear?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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you have an egg, and then you crack it and you add a can opener to it.

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Q: How do you make a spear?
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In the book hatchet why couldn't brian spear fish?

He had never used a spear to catch fish with.

What are the advantages of a spear?

The main problem is that the spear works best at length, since the point is the only killing part of the shaft, so if an enemy were to knock away the point then he can run in close to you and set about you with a shorter weapon such as a sword, although the spear can be shortened so that you hold it nearer the head, so combat at closer ranges is possible, however the remainder of the spear behind makes it more cumbersome to use thus than another weapon of the effective length. Another problem is that if the enemy has a shield, 1 on 1 there is no real way of maneuvering the spear around it to strike somewhere vital, although in formations or even just 3 on 3, the spear never targets the man in front but the man to the sides, as the pawn in chess, so while an open dissarray of spearmen can be cut down by swordsmen, a tightpacked and well trained line of spearmen can pull apart a trained line of swordsmen. In short, the spear is disadvantaged 1 on 1 in battle, and also at close quarters.

What is the thing that a beefeater guard holds called?

The Beefeaters (correctly called the Yeoman Warders) are a ceremonial guard for the Tower of London. The word Beefeater is often applied wrongly to the Yeomen of the Guard who are a ceremonial bodyguard for the monarch. Traditionally, they carry a weapon called a partisan. The partisan is a spear with an ornate base mounted on a long pole. (Note - this is NOT the same as a halberd, which is a combination axe and spear on a long pole.)

Where did athletes come from?

My guess is the ancient Greeks. They held the first "olympics" running, spear throwing, wrestling ect. they also trained for war. (Especially the Spartans and the Atheninans, thogh, they had VERY different training methods !!!) I think it buys some time looking into ! sincerely, Bethany

How did cavemen use spears?

Their materials were wood, bone and rocks, especially flint. They knocked flakes off a piece of flint with another rock, creating a sharp edge, then tied it with plant fibres or animal gut to a stick and they made a spear. Later they made arrow heads the same way.

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How did aboriginals make a spear information?

they had stons to make it

How do you get the spear in lost in blue?

to get a spear, search fo stick. stick usually in the ground near a tree, or sometimes u can find it many on the ground after a stormy night. After you get the stick, there should be able some event or whatever is it, that let you make a spear in the menu (make tools or wtv). You can improve your spear with a sharpened stone.

Was the name of the stick used to make the spear go further?


What can be used to make arrowhead's spear points and also to start fires?


What is the German word for spear?

nounspear = Speerspear = Lanzespear = Spießverbto spear = aufspießento spear = spießento spear = durchbohren

Is edges spear legal?

The spear is legal, it is a storyline that the spear is illegal.

How does Brian modify his spear to make it work more effeiciently in Hatchet?

Brian modifies his spear by sharpening the tip with a groove along each side to make it more aerodynamic. This modification helps the spear fly straighter and penetrate deeper when he throws it, increasing its effectiveness for hunting and self-defense in the wild.

Is an assegai spear the same as iklwa spear?

No, the assegai spear is your typical long spear used for throwing. Where the iklwa is a long bladed short spear used with a shield for close combat.

What is the plural form of spear?

Spears is the plural of spear

What city is the spear pillar in?

Spear Pillar isn't in a city. You have to start fromt hat cavein Hearthhome city and continue upward through Mt. Corent. You'll encounter Team glactic member that'll twart you. When you make it to spear pillar, you gonna have to battle Cyrus.

What did Ares name his spear?

Ares's spear didn't have a specific name. It was a bronze-tipped spear.

Is an aboriginal woomera and spear the same?

No. The spear is a weapon but the woomera is not. The woomera is a spear-thrower. It enabled the men to throw a spear with greater speed and accuracy.