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I'm assuming that you are in the USA, so if by saying the obstruction of correspondence is referring to your mail, contact the Postal Inspectors at your Post Office. They are very serious about any kind of obstruction within the mail system. You can call them, (the federal numbers are in the front of the phone book) or contact them via the internet. If you have an idea who is obstructing you, let them know. They will take care of it.

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Q: How do you prosecute the federal offense of obstructing of correspondence?
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In the case of United States v Felix what was the us supreme court ruling of this trial in regards to double jeopardy?

The court held that "a[n]…offense and a conspiracy to commit that offense are not the same offense for double jeopardy purposes."

Who initiated the committee of correspondence?

Samuel Adams of Boston initiated the first Committee of Correspondence in November 1772. He, Dr. Joseph Warren, James Otis and over a dozen other Patriot leaders asked the Boston town meeting to form an official committee in response to the most recent British offense, their wanting to send colonials to England for trial because they had attacked a British customs ship, the HMS Gaspée, that had been trying to enforce the unpopular new trade regulations. The stated purpose of the Boston Committee of Correspondence was to prepare a statement of the rights of the colonists, declare that these rights had been infringed by the British, and send a letter to all the towns of the Province of Massachusetts and "the world", most importantly the other colonies, to tell them of this. The larger purpose of the Committee of Correspondence, though, was to create a system of spreading information about the latest offenses of the British government, to build support for their cause throughout the outlying towns of their own colony and in other colonies as well and to coordinate the responses of the colonists. Because there was no other way to spread news effectively, they wrote letters and pamphlets (the usual way to promote political issues at that time) and sent them out by postal rider or ship.

What is the offense against sovereign power in a state?

Lese Majesty

A group pardon for an offense against the government is known as?


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How do you prosecute someone who hacked email?

Sick the cops on him, it is a federal offense to hack someone else's email.

Is it a federal offense to poison someone with their own allergy?

Homicide and manslaughter are offenses generally prosecuted by the states. The US could prosecute the case if the offense took place, or was committed, on Federal property.

Which is worse obstructing an officer or DUI?

"Obstructing an Officer" in many (most?) jurisdictions is a felony offense, whereas DUI, while a serious offense ijn ots own right, is usually NOT a felony offense.

Can the federal government pick up charges that have been closed by the state?

Yes, if it's also a federal crime or offense. Some laws are state specific and having no federal laws governing the act. However, some things are illegal both at a state level and federal level. Keep in mind though, if there was not enough to prosecute at a state level, it's unlikely there's enough evidence to prosecute at a federal level too.

What is the average sentencing for obstruction of justice as a misdemeanor?

Not enough information is disclosed. WHAT is the offense you were "obstructing?" unkown WHAT is your criminal record? none WHAT state are you in? michigan As a general answer - the sentence would be no more than the sentence specified for the offense you were covering up. obstructing justice

What is a federal crime or offense?

A federal crime or offense is something made illegal or defined as criminal by a federal government. An example of a federal offense is identity theft.

What can you get in court from Obstructing an police officer?

Obstructing a police officer is a serious offense. If the obstuction occurs as the officer is investigating, you could be charged with a felony in court. In other situations, it would likely be a misdemeaner.

When is a case classified as a federal trial?

When you are charged with a federal offense as opposed to a state offense.

How much jail time can you receive for obstructing an officer?

The punishment for obstructing an officer varies depending on the jurisdiction and the severity of the offense. Generally, it can range from a misdemeanor offense carrying a maximum sentence of up to one year in jail, to a felony offense carrying a potential sentence of multiple years in prison. The specific circumstances and laws of the jurisdiction will determine the exact penalties.

Is being on camera against your will a federal offense?

Yes, being on camera is a federal offense and can be punishable for up to 10 years in federal prison.

Assassination president us Texas federal offense?

Yes to kill or threaten the president is a federal arrest.

What if a person is charged with obstruction and trespassing. are they felonies?

Trespassing is a Misdemeanor. Obstructing Justice can be either a Felony or a Misdemeanor depending on the offense that it is associated with.