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You can go out and help the ones in need .Or you can respect blacks because they are proud Americans just like you, and equal. And you can donate stuff to kids in the orphanage, or to kids in the hospital who need help and really depend on you.

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They say please and thank you. They respect their elders. They say May I. They are polite.They respect each other. People should be like Americans Because they are very polite and nice and not mean at all.

Also, you should treat men and women as equal in America and not harass strangers. If you see a woman cycling or walking, she is likely doing so to run errands, shop, pay bills, go to work, etc., and it doesn't mean she is looking for lovers.

It is also polite to mind one's own business and assume the best in others, and not treat capable people like they are stupid or needy. If you see someone doing something different, it is best to assume they have their own reasons for doing things differently, and not assume that they don't know what you assume is the correct way.

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You show love of country by supporting your government and following the laws. You may also be willing to take up arms in defense of your country.

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by singing the national anthem when it is played or at least taking of my hat in respect. I stand and put my right hand on my heart when I say the plaedge of alligents.

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Q: How do you show your love of country?
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How can you show your love to your country?

you can show your love by raising our country's flag and respecting it

How can citizens show their love to the country?

By keeping in mind,one's can show love to one's country

How can show your love to your country?

I can show love to my country by keeping it cleani will not let anyone to turn it into a dirty country in front of me

How did Andres bonifacio show his love to his country?

hi show his love by writing a poem

How did he show his love for our country?

This is an international site so which country

How did Andres bonifacio show his love for his country?


How do filipino show their love for their country?

we proudly present our country to the world

What happens when you show your love to your country?

You become a good citizen.

Bayan ko was a people power song that stirred your hearts song with deep love of country How do you show your love of country?

show love of country? be patriotic and nationalistic!help the Philippines strive! we are people of this nation and so, it is our responsibility to take care of our own land, as prophet toldus to love and take care of our country and fight for it!!! so why dont we just do this the least thing you can do is to love your country!

How do manifest love for country?

In patriotism, just as in parenthood, unconditional love is not the same as uncritical approval. We show love for our Country by striving to make it better, not by praising everything it does.

Why do people cry when they hear the Star Spangled Banner?

Because they want to show their patriotism (or love of ones country) towards their county. Because they love their country, and want to show it, so deal with it.

Someobody was a mail of a wrestler?

I am a Bangladeshi and love your play. When you thinking to show in 3rd country ?