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You can say "We shall duel to the death!" to show a fight between two people. Or you can be like "I will duel you for ownership of the kingdom!" Duel is a very midevail word.

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Q: How do you use duel in a sentence?
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A sentence using the word duel?

I have a duel match against your mom

Can you give a sentence for duel?

"we shall duel the two people to death",said the king

Can you use orica' s in a Yu-Gi-Oh duel?

You can use them in a duel, but not in tornoments

Can you write a sentence using the word duel?

lets go and watch the duel at the arena, between Fred and George

What is an example of a sentence using the word duel?

The duel between two giants have begun. One was going to win.

What is the sentence of adversary?

The brave knight challenged his adversary to a duel.

Can you give a sentence with the words dual and duel?

The two men despised each other so greatly a gauntlet was thrown and a duel challenged. The duel didn't decide a victor, so another was challenged for later in the year. Two entirely seperate duel, dual duel.

How do you use the word dual in a sentence also with a verb?

The word dual is an adjective, as in the sentences:There were dual exhausts on the race car.The driver training car has dual controls.The similar word duel can be a noun or a verb, as in the sentences:Aaron Burr challenged Alexander Hamilton to a duel, and killed him.Gladiators would duel to the death in Roman arenas.

Can you use dual and duel in a sentence?

Sure! "The twins engaged in a friendly dual to see who could finish their homework first, while the knights prepared for a fierce duel on the battlefield."

What is the equipment they use to duel with on there arm in yu-gi-oh?

It is commonly known as a Duel Disk.

Can you use an orica in a Yu-Gi-Oh duel?

In a duel with a friend? Sure, In regionals? Nope.

Lefty duel disk?

If you duel, YOU WILL WIN! but use your right one . I don't understand the question...