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Your teacher is looking for your critical thinking skills and how well you understood the lesson. We don’t do homework for students nor write essays.

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Q: How do you write an information text?
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What is the difference between information mapping and mind mapping?

Well, information mapping is when you look up and find new information and put it in a form of text e.g map whilst mind mapping is when you write the information you already know in a form of text.

What are the advantages for predictive text?

advantages of predictictive text is it helps tou to write the text more quicker and it give you the write spelling of the text.

What is Text. What is the role of text in day to day life?

Text is when you want to write someone something and want to write it. The role of text is you keep on writing and it is nonstop

How do i write some extra information to my question which doesnt come in this bold text and where i can add punctuation?

You can put additional information into the question by using the 'Discuss Question' link.

What contains text and information about the text?


What is a retrieval question?

A retrieval question is judt where you have to read a given text and write down, literally, what it tells you. It is called 'retrieval' because you are showing that you have the skill to 'retrieve' information from a text, while also demonstrating that you understand the text itself. There aren't any hidden loopholes, it isn't like an inference question (where you have to write about what the text is saying 'in between the lines'), it really is as plain as it sounds!

What is the definition of a text frame?

it is a frame you write text in for art

Why should you not write in text books?

One reason you should not write in text books is because its the schools property.

How do you write a laugh in text?

"He He"

What is meant by text in excel?

text means your writing, like a text box, you write in it! your welcome :)

How do you write instead of body the text box in css?

You can write a text box in CSS styles. Just place the text styles to whatever you want in the input tag.

How can write a c program to store students record in a file?

Write a console based C++ program that reads student information from a text file, build an array of objects of type class StudentInfo,