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George Washington was enormously influential; the Revolutionary War would have failed without his leadership, and he also confirmed that independent America would be a republic rather than a monarchy.

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George Washington established many things for example the suprem court, the cabinet, and the two-term traditions, this influenced the country to stand up. BY Zabia Qadiri

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George Washington's contribution was a huge impact on our life like him serving for our continental army if it were not for his leadership we probably would not have won the revolutionary war

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As president Washington set the tone for future presidents and how the office is to be viewed for the next 200 years.

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Q: How does George Washington influence people in a positive way?
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he influenced our lives by making us not give up

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Positive Influence is when you give a good example to people, which would 'influence' them to do the same for others.

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George wanted trust from the people.

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George Washington was not the leader of the Anti-Federalists. George Washington did not believe that the people and politicians should be divided into specific parties.

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George Washington

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George Washington and king George

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George Washington was viewed by the Americans people as an honest leader and hero of the Revolution.

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