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He was stabbed by a rival school student

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Q: How does James tiberius yorke die in 2006?
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When did James Yorke - bishop - die?

James Yorke - bishop - died in 1808.

When did James Yorke Scarlett die?

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When did James Yorke Bramston die?

James Yorke Bramston died on 1836-07-11.

Did jt die on degrassi or is he still alive if he is where did he go?

J.T. was killed in "Degrassi" by a Lakehurst High School student named Drake Lempkey however while the character of James Tiberius "J.T." Yorke is dead, his actor; Ryan Cooley is still alive.

When did Elliot Yorke die?

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Gerald Yorke died in 1983.

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Terry Yorke died in 2003, in UK.

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Sara Yorke Stevenson died in 1921.

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