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I doubt that it had much effect. Fillmore was not a religious or spiritual person. He did not quote scriptures or indicate that he was influenced by religion.

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Q: How does Millard Fillmores spiritual life affect his term of office?
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Did Millard Fillmore have any pets while in office?


How many terms was Millard Fillmore in office for?

3 years

Which president didn't die in office?

Millard Fillmore

What are some successes while Millard was in office?

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What events happened when Millard Fillmore was in office?

California became a state

What man took the presidential oath of office in 1850?

Millard Fillmore

How old was Millard Fillmore when he left office?

53 years and 55 days.

What month and year did Millard Fillmore take office?

Fillmore took office upon the death of Taylor on July 9,1850.

How did George Washington spiritual life affected to his term of office?

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What year did Millard Fillmore run for presidency?

Millard Fillmore became the 13th President of the United States, succeeding Zachary Taylor, who died in office on July 10, 1850. In the Election of 1854, Millard Fillmore sought, but was not nominated, the Whig candidacy.

What president lost its office but ran again under the know nothing party?

Millard Fillmore

Who took the president oath of office in 1850?

Millard Fillmore was sworn in, in 1850, after General Taylor died.