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The separation of powers into three branches of government involves a checks and balances system in order to express the separation and equality of power.

Here are some examples:

Executive Branch ---> Legislative Branch:

can veto any bill of law, propose a law, or call special sessions

Executive Branch ---> Judicial Branch:

appoints justices to Supreme Court, grants pardons

Judicial Branch ---> Legislative Branch:

can declare laws unconstitutional

Judicial Branch ---> Executive Branch:

declare executive orders unconstitutional, are appointed to the Supreme Court for life

Legislative Branch ---> Executive Branch:

can override presidential vetoes, can impeach the president, budget control, ratifies treaties

Legislative Branch ---> Judicial Branch:

confirms presidential appointments, can impeach federal judges, established courts and set number of judges

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Checks and balances on congressional powers:

  • Both houses of Congress must vote to enact a law, thereby checking power with the legislature
  • President can veto legislation
  • Supreme Court can rule federal and state laws unconstitutional

Checks and balances on executive powers:

  • Congress can:
  1. reject legislation the president wants
  2. override vetoes of legislation by a 2/3 vote
  3. impeach and remove president (with chief justice of Supreme Court presiding)
  • Senate can refuse to confirm nominees or ratify treaties
  • Supreme Court can declare presidential acts unconstitutional

Checks and balances on judicial powers:

  • Congress can:
  1. change the # and jurisdiction (authority to hear cases) of the federal courts
  2. impeach and remove federal judges
  3. propose constitutional amendments to override Supreme Court decisions
  • President appoints federal judges (who must be confirmed by the senate)
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Checks and Balances

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Approving legislation

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with checks and balances

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So that powers are divided between the federal government and the states

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Q: How does each branch of the government check the other two branches?
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Importance of checks and balances of the executive branch?

Checks and Balances means that no one branch of the government can overpower the other branches of government. Each has a check on the power of the other branches. This provides for the necessity of cooperation among the three branches and allows the government to enact favorable legislation.

What government branch reviews the acts of the other branches of government?

The judiciary branch.

Why is the US government divide 3 branches?

The Founding Fathers wanted to guard against tyranny, so the government was divided into the branches. It was believed that each branch would "check" the other branches so that no one branch became too powerful.

Another way the separation of powers works is that it prevents one branch of government from taking power away from another branch of government how does this work?

The branches of government check up on each other.

Why did the framers provide ways for each branch of your government to check the powers of other branches?

Because if not is will be not fair rule or law

What are 3 parts of the the Executive branch?

The Executive Branch of government may consist of many agencies but the Branch itself is only one of three branches of the government. The other two branches of government are the Executive Branch and the Judicial Branch.

How many branches of government does Missouri have?

Yes, all state governments and the federal government have three branches. These are the executive branch, judicial branch, and legislative branch.

What is The name of he branch that doesnt allow one branch to beomce to powerful?

It is not a branch, but the theory that if power is divided between 3 branches of government that each will check the other and no one branch will get too powerful.

How many branches make up the Federal Government?

The federal government is three branches. The legislative branch is the Congress, the executive branch is the President and the agencies that support him. Finally, the judicial branch is the Supreme Court and other federal courts.

What is the function of the fourth branch?

The United States and a number of other countries have three separate official branches of government, the legislative, the executive, and the judicial. Each branch takes care of certain legal functions as well as providing a check on the other two. Sometimes the Press is called the fourth branch of government. It has no official governmental function but it frequently ferrets out corruption within the government which the other branches ignored but should not have. So it does the same work as a branch of government.

What the system of government that requires that each branch of government must answer to the other branches?


Is the power to check other government branches a non-legislative power?

Yes, the power to check other government branches is a non-legislative power