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because the doors is the best band ever

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Q: How does federalism control factions?
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What is the federalist paper most clearly associated with the problems of factions and the ideas of federalism?

number 10

What is a non-example of federalism?

North Korea is a non-example of Federalism because the central government control everything.

What is the goal of new federalism?

The goal of New Federalism was to block grants as a way of reducing federal control.

How does Madison propose to control factions?

Madison's solution for controlling the effects of factions was the establishment of a republican government. He argued that the powers wielded by the factions be constitutionally limited.

Can you have any control over the effects of factions in democracies?


Was federalism control of bills of rights?

true i think

What are advatages of federalism?

Some advantages of federalism include a division of power and more control at a local level. By giving state or regional governments more control, they are better able to serve their demographic.

What form of government offers the BEST solution to control factions?

Democracy, then factions are no longer a concern since theoretically the biggest one will always be the Government.

According to Madison what must a government do to limit the influence of a powerful faction?

OPTIONS: limit the ability to form factions raise taxes on factions to lessen their power depend on only enlightened legislators serving in government control the influence factions have on government

What factors did Madison rely on to prevent factions from gaining control of the national government?

James Madison believed that a democratic form of government, would tame the factions and cause them to work together as much as possible. Madison, in the The Federalist, argued that the federal system helps prevent factions from gaining too much control and causing tyranny of the majority

Why did the ancient Japanese have a civil war?

Factions (each individual kingdom) fought for control of the government.

What did George Washington warn the nation of?

Political factions