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This becomes a case of 'who judges he judges' Congress is SO CURRUPTED by pork barrels, it CAN NOT be counted to represent the welfare of the people who elected them, but the money filth who bribe them.

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Pork barrel can be used in different ways, good or bad. Building roads, bridges, classrooms, etc. are one of the benefits people can get in the pork barrel, but it can also be used to buy luxuries of the congressman since this PDAF (pork barrel) is not even being audited. In making bridges, they can use only small amount of money and keep the remaining in their own pockets as well as in making their "other projects". Well that's the bad side of that pork barrel in terms of helping congressmen. but the good side of it, it can help congressmen make new projects that are much helpful to every citizen of the state aside from improving roads and bridges.

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Q: How does pork barrel benefit congressman?
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Who benefits the most from pork barrel projcts?

Pork barrel spending is spending money on projects in the constituency of a Congressman by the Government in the hope of gaining or keeping his support. Pork barrel spending is very often not about the question whether this spending (or keeping on spending) is really necessary or efficient; or if the Congressman's State or District is really the best place for it. It of course does directly benefit the constituency of the Congressman involved. Is it 'fair'? It has been part of American politics from almost the start of the USA, and countless regions over the decades have profited from it. But from a totally unbiased point of view it isn't, since a pork-barrel decision is only partly based - and sometimes hardly at all - on what is best or most cost-efficient for the country at large.

Phrase used to describe pet projects for a Congressman's state or district?

Pork Barrel

What term refers to government projects and grants that benefit a congress members home state?

pork-barrel project

Legislation whose tangible benefits are targeted solely at a particular legislator's constituency is called?

pork-barrel legislation

What bills appropriate money for local projects?

pork-barrel bills

Politicians can gain added support for themselves by approving what?

Pork barrel projects

What is slang for particularized assistance or federal money or programs that largely or wholly benefit just one state or congressional district?

Pork Barrel Spending.

What phrase is used to describe pet projects for a congressman's state or district?

Pork barrel is a term referring to appropriation of government spending for localized projects secured solely or primarily to bring money to a representative's district.

When was Double Barrel Benefit created?

Double Barrel Benefit was created in 2004.

Main argument against pork-barrel legislation?

The main argument against pork-barrel legislation is that it leads to wasteful government spending by allocating funds based on political favors rather than merit or need. This can result in resources being misallocated and projects being undertaken for reasons other than their actual value or benefit to society. Additionally, pork-barrel spending can contribute to corruption and undermine public trust in government.

What is your reaction to pork barrel as a student?

Your teacher wants your opinion, not the opinion of someone on the internet. The object of this assignment was for you to understand what "pork barrel" means.

Why do member of congress try to get pork barrel projects?

Congress members try to get these projects because those are government projects and grants that primarily benefit the home district or state.