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Katniss kills her because Coin set purposely set Prim to help the children then die.

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Q: How does president coin die in mockinjay?
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What page does president coin die on?


How does Coin die in The Hunger Games?

Coin is the President of District 13 but she is not introduced until the third book of the series, Mockingjay.

Does Peeta Mellark live in mockinjay?


Is there a 76 huger games at the end of mockinjay?


Is there a resolution in Catching Fire?

Finish the book then read Mockinjay!!

Is there going to be another hunger games book after mockingjay?

No, Mockinjay is the end of the series.

Why was prim in president snow's mansion?

Coin sent her there, wile knowing she was going to die. That's why Katniss shoot Coin, because she was sure Snow was going to die if she didn't shoot him. I personaly think Coin did it so Katniss would run to Prim, so that Katniss would die to, and why Coin would want Katniss dead, says the book right at the beginning of part 3.

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Was president coin a woman?


How does Alma Coin die in Mockingjay?

president snow tells katniss coin was responsible for the bombing that killed prim. during president snow's execution, while Katniss is aiming her bow at Snow she switches her aim at the last minute and kills Coin.