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Both of these limit the amount of power one individual or a small group of people can have. This supports democracy because it is against Dictatorship and oligarchy.

Separation of powers gives different powers to different branches of government. This means that no branch has the power to do everything. Checks and Balances are put into place so that the different branches of government hold each other accountable for what they do.

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Q: How does separation of powers and checks and balances support democracy?
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Which man advocated a separation of powers and a system of checks and balances?

Yes, he was one of the fathers of democracy.

What is name of the system that maintains separation of powers among the branches of the federal government?

The Checks and Balances system maintains the separation of powers.

How did the framers use separation of checks and balances to limit the power of government?

how did the framers use separation of powers and checks and balances to limit the powers of government

The framers believed that would be weakened if congress was responsible for choosing the president?

Separation of powers and the system of checks and balances

What stops one branch of government form being to powerfull?

checks and balances and separation of powers

How are checks and balances related to the idea of separation of powers?

Not entirely. Separation of powers includes checks and balances, so the congress overriding a presidents veto on a bill, which is an example of checks and balances, is a portion of separation of powers. Separation of powers really means any way to distribute power among the 3 branches of government

Is separation of powers important?

judicial branch checks and balances

Who was the principles of checks and balances and separation of powers were put forward by?

French philosopher, Montesquieu(1689-1755)

What is the name of the system that gives each branch f government power over the other branch?

Separation of Powers.

What definition is The power of one branch can limited by the powers of another branch?

IT can solve everything that is unlimited of the goverment of checks and balances

What stop one branch of the government from becoming too powerful?

"Checks And Balances" The separation of powers allows each branch to veto or amend eachothers acts

Examples of horizontal distribution of power?

Checks & Balances and Separation of Powers